Airport Self Storage


Meet the Team

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Our full-time on-site general manager. Dan has been with Airport Self-Storage since January 2007. His favorite part about working on the Airport Self-Storage crew is the friendships that he makes with his co-workers and tenants. In his spare time, he's usually wrenching on something- either his classic car or a friend's car. He also loves food, and he BBQs as often as he can. His favorite local restaurants include: Garman's Restaurant & Irish Pub in Santa Paula, "I Love Sushi" located in Ventura and Dominic's Italian Restaurant in Oxnard. So check them out!

"Airport Self-Storage is a special business that is built around helping our customers in times of need; either with stressful moves or storing their favorite belongings. Everyone's stories are so interesting."  



 Sir Einstein Bartholomew Kingsley III (Ein for short)

Our Airport Self-Storage super cute corgi mascot was born on December 15th, 2010. Although he communicates a little differently than the rest of the crew, Ein is happy to greet our tenants & make them feel welcomed. His favorite part about working at Airport Self-Storage is getting to ride in the golf cart with his owner, Manager Dan. In his spare time, Ein loves walking around the property & on trails, chasing birds, digging, napping, playing fetch, sitting next to the BBQ (waiting for accidentally dropped food), and did we mention golf cart rides!